Music Instruction

Music lessons with instructor Chris Carr are available on a weekly basis remotely via online platforms or at my studio in Volcano, Hawaii.

Instruction and lessons are adapted for each student’s skill level and individual goals with an emphasis on learning to understand the language of music.

Guitar Instruction – Beginner through Advanced

Guitar is an amazing instrument and is perhaps the most played instrument in the world at this time. Why is this? The guitar has a beautiful tone that is varied and flexible, allowing the artist to perform almost any style of music. Guitar can be used as a lead instrument or it can accompany singing, so it is the favorite for singer songwriters. For many casual and live performers, the portability of the guitar make it easy to carry to events. Compared to drums, Cello, Harp, and many other large instruments, the guitar is traveler’s dream. Most importantly, the guitar speaks to our souls and it is a sound beloved by many.

So let’s learn to play! Guitar is considered one of the easier instruments to learn. By learning even one simple chord you can actually play a song on guitar. Like any instrument, it takes years to become a master, but the guitar makes it easy to get started making music.

Even if you have never touched music in your life, you CAN learn guitar.

Basics We Will Cover:
How to hold the instrument
Basic Tuning
Basic Maintenance: How to change your strings

Guitar Theory:

  • Proper playing technique
  • Chords
  • Musical modes
  • Music theory
  • Tone/Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Reading music/chord charts
  • Strumming patterns
  • Finger Picking
  • Use of a Pick
  • Phrasing

Music Theory Instruction

I teach theory and practical application of theory along with the technical side. I will use songs as a tool to help with applied understanding and growth of technique as well as to further understanding of theory. Take the next step in your music education, learn WHY it sounds good. Understanding music theory helps you to write as well as perform music.

Flute Instruction – Beginner

Flute instruction is adapted for each student’s skill level and individual goals with an emphasis on learning to understand the language of music to help improve overall music understanding. From complete beginners to seasoned players, each of us has the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • How to hold the instrument
  • The importance of finger position
  • Breath support
  • How to read sheet music
  • Phrasing

Home Music Recording

One of the largest growing segments in the music industry today is home music production. More and more independent artists are recording and producing their own music. The subject of home recording is vast and complicated and can feel prohibitive for someone who is trying to get their own music recorded. After spending years researching and creating my own home studio I started a series of online courses to try to help others do this without the steep learning curve. I offer consultation and training online to help others get their own setups in place.

  • Home Studio Equipment Requirements
  • Home Recording Software options
  • Microphones
  • How to use your DAW


Performance Tech

Learning your instrument is just the start! Live music performance is another whole skill set. From the vast number of products on the market, deciding what will work for a particular venue and even what microphone works best for a particular instrument, sometimes you just need some advice. I offer consultation and training for live performance gear and set up.

  • PA Systems
  • Mixers: Digital vs Analog
  • Speakers/Monitors
  • Cables, cables and more cables!

What system is best for your needs? Do you need a whole PA? Can you get by with a cheap microphone? Every performer has questions and has to start somewhere. I am happy to help make the process easier.

Teaching Philosphy

From complete beginners to seasoned players, each of continue to learn and grow throughout our lives. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share the love of music with others and assist in building valuable skills. My ultimate goal is to help students move beyond memorization of scales and sheet music to the point where they understand of the language of music and can improvise and create music on their own.

I hold with the philosophy of beginner’s mind and believe that each of us can always learn something new and continue to grow. Even advanced players who are phenomenal technically, can still learn theory or technology. I have been playing guitar for nearly 40 years and I still take lessons and find that I learn something new from each instructor. 

My approach is to teach theory with application. It is easier to understand the language of music if you can see it in action. All students will be learning theory as they go, instead of just learning to play notes. I teach ear training and improvisation, which are very useful skills in playing outside of a classical setting. Once a student understands basic techniques, notes and fingerings, they will be ready to start with basic songs. I use songs as a tool to help with applied understanding and growth of technique as well as to further understanding of theory. 



Music is a lifelong learning process. All we can do is follow along in the journey and absorb as much as we can along the way. 

My love of music began at the age of eight when I was first given the opportunity to play. I selected the flute as my first instrument because it was so beautiful. At the age of twelve I started my second instrument, the guitar, which became my lifelong love. It was at this time that I also started Choir and developing the instrument of my voice. My choir group, under the instruction of famed instructor XXX, was awarded California Regional Champions, with me leading the Mighty Baritones section. By fourteen I was also playing Bass guitar and had formed a band with my friends. Fast forward a few years, at the age of forty-four, I started the piano, a wonderful instrument. I am looking forward to retirement with the next instrument on the list being violin. This one will take some time. 

I benefited from an educational system that still offered musical arts as part of the core curriculum. Without music programs in the school it is more important than ever that those who can teach do so. Learning the love of music has been such a source of joy that I believe in sharing this knowledge so that others can have the opportunity to enjoy this life-changing form of creative expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

I teach students as young 10 years old. For children I request that a parent be present during the lessons to keep track of progress and help them to be engaged in the learning process.

Do I need an instrument?

Yes, you cannot learn without having an instrument to practice on. You do not need an expensive instrument, even a used beginner level instrument can be used to get the basics.

How long will it take before I can play a song?

Almost right away! You will learn basic skills while learning to play songs. If you have a favorite song you would like to learn, we can tailor your lessons to learn the skills needed for exactly what you would like to learn.